Anime Reviews: Beelzebub Episode 54 – Black Baby Beel Grows Up

Plot Summary
Saotome drags Oga out of class to tell him that Black Beel disappeared. They have to find him, or something bad will happen. Himekawa in the meanwhile has Black Beel, and thinks about how much B.B. resembles his family’s lost lucky statue. He provides for all of B.B.’s needs, and is rewarded with increased luck.

Oga and Furuichi in the meanwhile search all over school for the purported “hot guy” who they think made off with B.B. They have no luck, not helped by Furuichi thinking that the rumored hot guy is himself. Aoi mentions that she hasn’t seen Himekawa since the morning.

Saotome tries to approach a female teacher about any information she has about B.B., but he finds himself accidentally engaged.

Hey, she’s kinda cute actually.

Baby Beel creates a coccoon around himself while he sleeps, and hatches into his winged form. While Oga, Furuichi, and Saotome try to figure out what to do next, a giant B.B. flies by. They get onto Himekawa’s helicopter, and chase after B.B. Hilda hitches a ride, and all of them find their way onto the uninhabited Pompadour Island.

Beel drinks a rare miracle milk, that causes him to grow to a monstrous size. He and B.B. fight…

With Beel emerging victorious, and ripping off B.B.’s wings to turn him back to normal.

The episode ends with all of them swimming back to mainland Japan on giant Beel’s head.

My Opinion
Perhaps I harp on filler too much. But then again, if I didn’t harp on it so much, the rare times when I find good filler really stand out. This was one of those cases. I was consistently laughing throughout the episode, so it fulfilled its basic task, and the story turning into a parody of monster movies makes sense.

I’m starting to realize why I have trouble writing some of these reviews. How does one objectively review a comedy? You can’t take things seriously, because they’re not supposed to be taken seriously, and what else can I say besides, “I laughed,” or “I didn’t laugh”?

So, as far as this episode is concerned, I laughed. Especially during Saotome’s mistaken engagement scene. Which…hey wait! That was never resolved! I suppose they could go two routes with this, either ignore that it ever happened, which would be fine since it happens all the time, or have it be a later plot point. In which case I’ll have a lot more admiration for the Beelzebub writing staff.

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