Podcast Plans For the Future

You may have noticed that this blog, and the associated podcasts, have been somewhat dead. I’ll not go into the reasons for that, things just didn’t work out how I was hoping.

But, I’ve been able to work things out to where I’m ready to start podcasting again. So, here’s an update to let you know what the plans are.

First off, AniNoob is being revived, and has been posted to itunes as its own separate series. With brand new cover art that’s so bad it’s good (?). New episodes of that will be going up, and recording will resume shortly as well. The hosts will vary depending on everyone’s schedule, but you can expect Nathan to return as a mainstay, with James making appearances when available. We may even have additional hosts who will be joining us.

Manga Cubed has been cancelled. In the past couple days I’ve been noticing a lot of listens on that one, and since I only just got the stats tracking working I’m wondering if this has been going on all along and I just never noticed that people were paying attention.

The reason I’m not continuing that particular podcast has to do with the name and format. Originally we had three hosts, so it was a clever little name, but became significantly less clever and more confusing by the time our third host dropped out. Since then I’ve been thinking of better names, and have come up with one I’m far more satisfied with. One that doesn’t involve such a confusing name format.

The new podcast will be a different format. Instead of going over weekly chapters, we’ll focus entirely on reviewing manga volumes. Specifically for series that have already been released. We’re hoping that focusing on two or so volumes a week will give us more time to go in depth on the story than if we were to go over an entire series at once.

The only difference will be no more news, and we won’t be going over the weekly chapters anymore. Though depending on listener feedback that could always change.


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