Anime Reviews: Beelzebub Episode 52 – And Then There Were No Delinquents

Plot Summary
Even unseasonal snow isn’t enough to get Beel to put on warm clothes, and so as they go to school, his only concession to the cold is to put on a scarf. The delinquents realize that nobody else is at school, and it isn’t until Kazuya and Azusa arrive to tell them that an emergency snow day was called that they realize nobody bothered to tell them about this.

Starting with Goodnight, the rest of the cast are slowly picked off following a strange counting song created by the original Six Knights of Saint Ishiyama. The cast try to figure out who is behind the attacks, but every avenue of investigation runs into a dead end.

Finally, only the girls are left, and as the snow becomes encased in ice, they flee.

Hey! She’s moving Beel more than 15 metres from Oga! Assassin!

Finally they are left with only one choice, to strip down and huddle together to share body warmth! Wait…

After Aoi deals with the troublemaker, the coulds break and everything returns to normal.

He can influence the weather? Dude’s more powerful than we realized.

My Opinion
It’s filler, I feel no obligation to go into great detail about it. Though as far as filler episodes go, there are more wretched examples out there. The reveal of who is behind the attacks is actually pretty clever, though I can’t help but fear the Happosai like vibe I’m getting from Komainu now.

And besides the obvious plot hole with Aoi moving Beel further than 15 metres from oga, there really isn’t much to mention. Though I am amused by the self lampooning the anime indulges with in making fun of Go’s forgetability.

Overall a fun enough episode, but it lacks the required depth for me to go into much more detail.

If you liked my review, Watch the Episode Here!

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