Anime Reviews: Beelzebub Episode 51 – Komainu-sama is Watching You

Plot Summary
Oga tries to remember what happened the first time he discovered Super Milk Time. After realizing that he never did defeat Black Beel, he asks what happened to him. Saotome says that he couldn’t leave him behind, and brought him back with him.

Aoi, exhausted after the emotional roller coaster of a previous episode, collapses onto her desk. She notices that the rest of the class are getting along, and feels left out. Nene convinces Aoi to let them have the next Red Tails meeting at her home.

Back home Aoi talks to a disembodied voice, telling it that it was supposed to stay out of sight. She talks to Isa, and flashes back to meeting the owner of the disembodied voice, a minor deity known as Komainu.

Oga wonders how he could improve Super Milk Time, and decides to buy a new milk bottle. He then abducts Furuichi, to have him test out the new bottle. Allaindellon, the duke of uncomfortable filler, abducts Furuichi and forcefully dresses him as a baby. Just in time to show him off to three fancy looking schoolgirls that ask Oga for directions to Aoi’s home.

The Red Tails come to Aoi’s home, and are almost immediately assaulted by Komainu, who takes advantage of the fact that he is invisible to them to cop a feel or two. The three girls from earlier arrive, along with a dozens of underlings. They challenge the Red Tails, and at first the fight goes poorly for Aoi’s friends, until Komainu joins in and starts groping the three attackers.

Sexual Assault for Great Justice

After a hear to heart between Aoi and Nene, with the former restating that Nene makes a good leader, Aoi then beats up Komainu for his behavior.

My Opinion
Three things about this episode. I was a big fan of Hilda’s humming the pudding pudding song in the background. It’s the extra little things that really make this a fun anime to watch.

Among other…reasons

I’m convinced that Allaindellon is the only demon that acts the part. He’s actively punishing Furuichi for being a terrible human being. I suspect he’s the most twisted, evil character in the series. That being said, I’m really starting to loathe him. The manga is subtle with his possible gay crush on Furuichi (though even that is a little blatant in later chapters), and when trying to sell this kind of gag subtlety is the mot-du-jour. The anime on the other hand shows the same restraint that Persona 4 The Animation showed.

I’ve mentioned before that I am not a fan of filler. The three girls were an odd bit of filler, and I groaned during their small plotline. Though I can’t help but wonder if there was something more going on. I’m not even sure what to feel about their plotline, or if I can even say it was no good. The parody was interesting, though a bit out of left field. This was a strange episode, and while not necessarily bad, it isn’t high in the rankings.

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