Anime Reviews: Beelzebub Episode 48 – I Am the Parent!

Plot Summary
Saotome explains to Oga that the more he is in sync with Beel, the closer he is to becoming a demon himself. The seal technique he wants to teach him should prevent that from happening.

Good work.

Back in the present, En’s demon maids try to ignore the fight going on outside. The Ishiyama students put up a good fight against the demons, but ultimately they are beat. Furuichi makes it out of the apartment, to find Angelica coming out of the elevator. Aoi transfers in just in time to face off against the crazy looking demon chick.

The cleavage says, “Be aroused.” Everything else says, “No.”
Alternate Caption:
So they do have crackwhores in hell.

Oga’s Demon Sword Alaindellon is defeated instantly, and Graffel turns away from Oga to focus on Hilda. Hecadoth attacks, but is blocked by Aoi, who finished her opponent off-screen. Tojo takes on Graffel, but Oga tells both of them to back down. This fight is his.

He reveals his new technique, Zebul Emblem, which allows him to create a mark that explodes when one punches it. He beats Hecadoth, and faces off against Naga, the leader of the trio. Oga says that he knows it won’t end with this battle, but that unless he beats the main boss, people will keep coming after him. He declares that he will not allow Beel to do something as stupid as destroy the world.

He then reveals his second technique, Super Milk Time. After a scene change to Saotome, showing the aftermath of the technique, the scene switches back to Oga…preparing milk.

Well, I suppose that makes sense…

After waiting for the milk to cool, Oga drinks the milk. He starts moving much faster, and beats up on Naga. Hilda realizes that he’s used the milk to break down the boundary between the two of them, essentially becoming Beel.

Despite Saotome’s warning not to stay in that form for more than five minutes, or to use it more than once, Oga drinks from the milk again, and fully fuses with Beel. His hair turns green, and he grows fly wings, as well as Beel’s pacifier. With Beel’s influence, he tries to take his pants off, to the horror of his friends.

Fortunately Hecadoth interrupts him, and Graffel incapacitates him. But it isn’t enough to stop him from summoning two walls of Zebul Emblems, that he uses to take out Naga and the entirety of the building’s roof. Exposing everyone to each other.

Furuichi uses his body to protect Lamia, which puts the two of them in a compromising position. En sees this, and gets pissed, declaring that he will return with his army, to kill Furuichi.

My Opinion
I love being proven right, and it isn’t because I developed my serious/funny theory after watching all these past few episodes at once. Everything progresses as a regular shonen fight scene, along with a badass new technique, before all the built up tension comes to an abrupt halt as Oga prepares for Super Milk Time. Which is itself funny and serious at the same time. The technique is like a microcosm of the essence of Beelzebub.

Aoi was not in this scene in the manga. She snuck in to get an eyeful.

The fallout of this arc, and setup for the next arc is tuned down from the manga. In the manga the scene where Furuichi is bent over Lamia protecting her from the rocks is pretty much the same as the anime, except Furuichi somehow lost his pants, making En’s misunderstanding all the more understandable. And it ruins Furuichi’s reputation with the girls in the class forever.

That being said, En is a twit. Pure and simple. It didn’t bug me in the manga, but going over the story again here is only solidifying this. I can see this as becoming even more of a problem later on, as the main conflict has been revolving around En’s underlings trying to kill Beel. Is En really such a twit that he doesn’t realize his little brother is in trouble? The answer is yes, and I don’t think I like the conflict being based around something that could be solved so easily. Just flat out tell En his soldiers are trying to kill En. There, problem solved.

And wasn’t that the point of this entire arc? To find En and get him to call back his men? What happened to just telling him what was going on and calling off the attack?

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