Today thousands of websites are shutting down to protests SOPA. Unfortunately, since I am a tech neanderthal, I don’t know how to take my blog offline for the day. So to show my support of the anti-SOPA movement, and join in on the spirit of the day, pretend that my blog doesn’t exist right now.

Just imagine you get a page explaining about how SOPA is bad, and that’s why you can’t get to my blog.


  1. If SOPA is passed, you could be sued for posting images of copyrighted anime, HULU (or wherever you link to the videos) could be sued for hosting them, blogspot could be sued for hosting your site, and google could be sued for owning blogspot.
    Or ALL OF THAT could be sued at the same time.
    This legislation must be stopped.

  2. Knowing that, I've been trying very hard not to panic. It's strange, politics always seemed to be something that happens in the real world, not the internet. Amazing how wrong I was.

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