Anime Reviews: Toriko Episode 95 – Showdown At The Summit! Ichiriyu Versus Midora Of The Gourmet Corp.!

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The Story
Ichiryu confronts the Gourmet Corp. in an attempt to make piece with their leader, Midora, another former pupil of Acacia. Unfortunately it is not to be, so Ichiryu is forced to leave, but not before impressing on the members of Gourmet Corp. exactly how powerful he really is. Once returned to his headquarters he has Setsuno cook him a massive feast to prepare his gourmet cells for the confrontation.

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Toriko, in the meanwhile, is going after the next training ingredient. His quest leads him to a village in the middle of a forest, where a masked stranger is spying on him.

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The Review
I love the badass old man characters in anime. There’s just something about an old man that can still kick butt that gives me hope that even as I get older I don’t have to get feeble. Sure I won’t ever be anime levels of badass old man, but I can at least try and be a proper badass old man. Also, Ichiryu flies around on an alicorn. The man is badass and, apparently, a brony too.

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The confrontation with the Gourmet Corp., which took up most of the episode, allowed us to put his level into perspective. He’s not more powerful than Midora, but he’s certainly far more powerful than even the most powerful of Midora’s underlings. And considering characters like Tommyrod were there, it’s safe to say that Ichiryu is still far more powerful than Toriko and the other Four Kings. A lot more powerful.

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Fortunately, while I was afraid that all of the episode would be nothing but a conversation between the two of them, the first bit and the last bit still showed us what Komatsu and Toriko were doing, setting up the plot for next week’s episode. And while Komatsu does things with food that doesn’t even exist, I still enjoy seeing him just prepare food. If more of Toriko focused on that instead of fighting, I would be possibly even more happy watching this show as I am now. Though I suppose I could go ahead and just watch a regular cooking anime, the problem with that is that those shows rarely make it over here, and rarely even get fansubbed. So, for now, Toriko is my cooking anime fix.

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What surprised me about this episode is that ultimately not much happened, and yet it somehow filled all the time without dragging for too long. I’m not sure how that happened, but in an episode that was mostly just conversation I was entertained just fine. Ultimately this episode is nothing to write home about, hence why I’m not finding much to say about it. That’s the risk of writing about Toriko week to week. Sometimes individual episodes just don’t have enough content to warrant much discussion.

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Oh and Take got kidnaped. I suppose that’s important.

The Grade


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