Anime Reviews: Toriko Episode 94 – A Taste That’s Out Of This World! Eating the Meteor Garlic!

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The Story
With Livebearer still knocked, Komatsu takes the Meteor Garlic to the kitchen and starts to prepare it. He manages to figure out how to start preparing it, and his skill impresses Livebearer enough that when the knocking wears off, Livebearer helps Komatsu finish the preparations.

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The five of them all eat the prepared Meteor Garlic, which reacts with their bodies in a way that bulks them all up to ridiculous proportions. Coco in particular grows ridiculously larger. Livebearer reveals that he knows a man who can answer some of their questions, the personal chef of the king of Jidal, Joie.

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When they arrive at the palace, they find it empty. The king and Joie are the last to leave, and they manage to disappear right as the group arrives. Elsewhere Setsuno is contacted by the IGO, and it is revealed that President Ichiryu has made contact with the Gourmet Corp.

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The Review
Not much action this episode, but that is to be expected in this part of the story. After the action of the main story, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the spoils of victory. In this case the Meteor Garlic, which I don’t believe is actually garlic. For one, they eat it whole, rather than as a seasoning for another dish. For another, it goes from being popcorn, to being an orange, to being a potato, to being cream cheese. Not literally, but it has aspects from all of those different types of food. While the whole thing is inherently ridiculous, it’s still a lot of fun to see exactly how imaginative Toriko is with the different types of food.

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The rest of the episode was spent expanding the ongoing overall storyline, this time introducing elements outside of the conflict between the IGO and Gourmet Corp. And moving the story on to its next stage, in this case a direct confrontation between the IGO and Gourmet Corp.

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While this storyline as a whole has been different, it’s been enjoyable in a way that Toriko normally isn’t. While the conflict was imaginative, it traded action for suspense, allowing the viewer to get a more varied meal with their entertainment. In a way, the concept of proper eating order, is exemplified by how Toriko gives us something different each arc. In this case the difference between arcs is a lot more noticeable than before, but it helps give us the viewers a more balanced entertainment diet.

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I will say though, that the gag where their bodies bulk up after eating the Meteor Garlic was…weird. It read like one of those bizarre comics you see online every once in a while. You know the ones, these are the ones where a character comes in contact with a spell, a chemical, or some kind of food, that makes their bodies grow to ridiculous, muscular proportions.

…Or perhaps I just need to spend less time in the weird parts of the internet.

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The Grade

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