One Piece DVDs Cheap on RightStuf!

Sometimes you just have to take advantage of a good deal. For example, these:

One Piece: Collection One
One Piece: Collection Two
One Piece: Collection Three

Are really, really good deals. That’s twenty four episodes for less than twenty bucks. If I weren’t a completionist who all ready had some of the previous One Piece DVD releases, I would be sore tempted to pick this set up. But since I have little to know money, I can’t really be spending anything on leisure items.

What I can do is let you, my loyal followers, know about the deals that make even broke me tempted to stretch my wallet a little thinner.

RightStuf! is having a Bargain Bin sale for the last three voyages of season one of One Piece. I don’t know if they are making space in their inventory—though the lack of voyage one of season one suggests that—but this is a great opportunity for any One Piece fans that were on the fence about buying the DVDs.

Each voyage is selling for $6.99 for a total of less than $21 for all three sets. That’s forty episodes of One Piece for about the same as the twenty four episodes for $20 for the new Collections.

If you all ready have any of the season voyages, I recommend jumping on this opportunity. Especially if you’re a completionist like myself. But if you just want to support One Piece in the United States, then I recommend breaking out your wallet for this rare opportunity.

Season One Voyage 2
Season One Voyage 3
Season One Voyage 4

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