Anime Reviews: Fairy Tail Episode 90 – The Boy Back Then

I consider myself a manly man. Whether this is the truth can be, and has been, debated. However, if there is one thing I pride myself in, it’s my ability to remain stone faced, no matter the circumstances. For the past year anime has been going out of its way to prove me wrong. This is one of those episodes.

Plot Summary
While Natsu and group try to stop the lachryma from crashing into Extalia, the Exceed start to throw rocks at Wendy and Charle again. Nady jumps in front of them, saying that it’s dangerous to throw rocks. The Exceed continue to talk about how they don’t need to worry about anything, since the Queen will just destroy the humans with her magic.

The Queen comes down to meet her people, and confess that she is no God. In fact, since she only has only one wing, her magic is exceptionally weak. The Exceed elders created the fiction that the Queen was a god, because their species is so weak that they were often mistreated by humans. Queen Shagot can see a little into the future, so she could say which human was going to die, and pretend that she caused it.

Charle is angry because of the orders she was given to kill the dragonslayers. Shagot offers her life to make up for it, but Charle yells at her, asking how dare she give up. She flies off to stop the lachryma. The other cats go to help. Seeing all his people together sparks a flashback for Lily, who remembers that he was exiled for trying to save a human boy, and bringing him to Extalia.

Queen Shagot joins her people, but with only one wing (how is she flying in the first place?) she can’t stay in the air and falls. Lily catches her, and he too is overcome with emotion, claiming that despite being exiled he still loves his home. They all get together and manage to push back the lachryma. When they repel the island a flash of light erupts from the lachryma, and it is sucked back up into anima.

Mystogan shows up, saying that he was gathering up the remnants of anima to be able to use it to send the lachryma back, and that everyone in Magnolia has been returned back to normal, as if nothing ever happened.

Lily reveals that Mystogan is not only the boy that he saved, but that he is also the prince of Edolas. The scene is a little drawn out, and emotional, but it ends abruptly when Erza Knightwalker shoots Lily through the chest with a laser, ending the episode.

“I have been hit by a bad internet meme!”

My Opinion
I don’t know what it is, but something about certain episodes in this arc just make me very emotional. It might be the music, that usually helps, but I think I’ve found the real reason. The freaking cats. Every time I’ve cried has involved cats. Sad Kitties are sad. Just like fail blogs are fail.

If an episode makes me cry, then it automatically counts as a great episode. That always applies, even though I have found myself bawling more and more. A good cry is good for the soul, so I appreciate anything that starts the water works without laying too much sap on it.

Something about how all the Exceed, who were pretty douchey, all join together to save their land, even after discovering they are not gods or angels, is pretty inspiring, and deserves a cry or two.

I’m a little sceptical about them managing to push back the island, but this is shonen land, where heart means everything. Ma-ati would be God basically.

And on the third minute, he did rise.

Some skeptics would consider this cheesy, but after being invested enough it’s a very emotional episode. Well worth the time.

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