Anime Reviews: Fairy Tail Episode 91 – Dragon Sense

When one writes many reviews over a short period of time, one realizes that sometimes one does not always have something to say in the introduction. At which point one realizes that the only thing to do, is draw attention to that fact, and immediately get others to forgive the lame introductions prior and following.

Plot Summary
Mystogan tries to stop the army, but the King rejects him as his son. He reveals Dorma Anim, a mechanical dragon mecha. The army opens fire with guns that turn the Exceed into lachryma. The Exceed flee, with the army chasing them. Natsu and his friends try to stop the army, but find that impossible with Dorma Anim attacking them.

Also, Mystogan’s real name is Jellal. Makes sense.

Natsu, Gajeel, and Wendy attack the Dorma Anim, allowing the rest of their group to chase after the army. Finally the dragonslayers get to do what they were meant to do, slay a dragon. It may be a mechanical dragon, but apparently it shares some properties with actual dragons, since the dragonslayer magic is able to damage it.

Wendy provides support for Gajeel and Natsu, increasing their speed and strength. She even manages to handle herself pretty well in the fight, and comes across as badass, until she trips while trying to escape from some missiles. Natsu eats the fire from the explosion, while Gajeel eats part of Dorma Anim’s tail. Powered up the three are ready for round two. Though, I didn’t see Wendy eating air, but I must assume she’s doing that all the time.

Dorma Anim gathers magic power to itself, showing why it is a forbidden weapon. In a world where magic power is limited, it makes sense that a weapon that absorbs all surrounding magic would be disastrous. Gathering the power to itself transforms the Dorma Anim into a more humanoid form, and turns its color dark.

Erza and the rest of her group catch up with the fleeing Exceed, and the pursuing army, but are ambushed by Knightwalker and the rest of the army. The Legion they are riding on goes down, while Erza starts her fight with Knightwalker again.

My Opinion
Has Mashima considered what it means that Wendy is the sky dragon slayer? This applies to the next arc, but I think it should be brought up. Dragonslayers gain power as they eat their elemental affinity. In Wendy’s case, this is air, which as has been pointed out is basically breathing. So Wendy should never run out of magic power. If she is somewhere she can’t eat air, then she can’t breathe, and is most likely dead. Meaning by all accounts she should be the most powerful mage in existence. Maybe she will be when she gets older.

The dragonslayer trio’s fight against Dorma Anim was great, since it illustrated the point I made in an earlier review, that in the end Fairy Tail is all about team work.

This arc has begun to hit its climax, and from here on out things are going just going to escalate. And since at the time that I’m writing this, I know that there are four episodes left in this arc, with a partial filler episode immediately after that. So things are about to start wrapping up.

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