Anime Reviews: Fairy Tail Episode 89 – The Doomsday Dragon Chain Cannon

Every story has a moment where everything seems its darkest. This is a requirement to build proper suspense before the climax. Fairy Tail reaches this point this episode, as the arc continues towards its climax.

Plot Summary
Wendy and Charle go to Extalia to warn the Exceed about the royal army’s plan.  However none of the cats listen to them, but Minister Nadi’s expression gives away that he is taking their warning much more seriously. The Exceed start throwing rocks at Wendy and Charle, while chanting for them to get out.

Gajeel and Lily’s fight continues, with Gajeel deciding that he will make Lily his cat. The two start to get so into the fight that both seem to forget what they were there for in the first place, according to Happy.

Natsu catches up to Gray, but the two are attacked by Erza Knightwalker, who quickly subdues them both and takes them to the Dragon Chain Cannon chamber.

Edolas Lucy is shown waiting for an informant, suggesting that she is planning something. But what it is she will not say, even to her friends.

Erza forces Gray to make a replica of the key, and once he has it activated he searches for how to change the aim of the cannon. But he can’t figure it out in time. Then Erza takes the King hostage, and reveals that she was Erza Scarlet all along! She forces the King’s men to change the aim of the cannon.

“What are you doing? It isn’t Thursday!”

Knightwalker jumps in, and once the King is freed the cannon’s aim is corrected and fired at the island. Lucy crashes in on the back of a giant monster, called a Legion, along with Coco. Natsu, Gray, and Erza climb onto the creature, and all of them take off towards the lachryma, with Knightwalker and the army close behind them. The King calls for something called Dorma Anim to be prepared.

My Opinion
If anyone didn’t call that Erza Knightwalker was a fake, then shame on you. You only had to look for the scar. And no, I don’t know why Erza Scarlet had an exact replica of Erza Knightwalker’s outfit. At first I thought Scarlet stole Knightwalker’s armor, but that obviously isn’t what happened since Knightwalker was wearing it, and was not in fact, naked. Though if I remember properly Knightwalker was wearing a different outfit in the manga after this. This feels like the first time I have to call the anime out on a plot hole, normally it has been pretty good about remaining consistent.

Right now the episodes have a fair amount of plot lines to split their attention between, which actually makes for a much faster pace. Rather than focusing on the same fight for episodes and episodes, Fairy Tail can break between scenes and give the illusion of not spending too much time on any given scene.

That and the pacing is legitimately better than many other series I could name.

Not that I’m pointing fingers, or anything. 

Things look dim for the protagonists, and I only grow more and more interested in the story. When I read this in the manga I wasn’t a huge fan of this arc, but so far it’s been quite good. I feel like we’ve spent more time in it, so I have been able to develop a stronger attachment to the events.

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