An Otaku’s Usage Dictionary – First Edition

One of the classes I took this semester was English Language 322 – American Usage.  During that class I was familiarized with usage dictionaries and when the time came to choose a class project, one of which was creating a usage dictionary, I decided to make one for a certain niche I was convinced never had anyone create a usage dictionary for it.  Thus I present to you, An Otaku’s Usage Dictionary – First Edition

Basically the purpose behind this usage dictionary is to provide a place of reference for terms that get thrown around the anime community.  I know you could pretty much look anything up on wikipedia, but this is a specific reference material with quick, simple definitions and suggestions for how to use specific terms. 

It’s short for now, I’ll be working on it some more as I find more material to include, and eventually I wouldn’t mind putting it up for sale as an ebook.  This of course depends entirely on how popular it is.  And since it’s more of a side project that I’m doing for fun, I can’t make any promises about how long it will take for the next edition to come out. 

Until then, I hope you enjoy it, and if you find something off about one of my definitions, feel free to let me know.  Constructively if you will, while I do not mind if anyone wants to waste their time posting an impolite comment, chances are I will simply dismiss you as an angry twit if I decide your comment was solely posted to spite me.  I don’t mind criticism, but I do require that all criticism be made with civility.

Download it Here!

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