Anime Reviews: Fairy Tail Episode 74 – Wendy’s First Big Job

And we once again dive into filler, this time with another completely original story.  Wendy has been getting a lot of focus the past few episodes, what with her being the newest character.  But this is the first time that she’s had an episode centered around her.


Wendy, who until now has only done jobs in Magnolia, is looking for a job further away from the town.  Charle thinks she shouldn’t bother going further away to do a job when staying close to town is good enough.  When they get a request from the theater owner from episode thirty, Charle and Wendy get into the most passive aggressive fight ever, with Charle saying Wendy shouldn’t go, and Wendy deciding she will go.


Makarov has Happy and Fried go with her, and before they can even start their journey, they find out that the train isn’t running.  So they decide to walk the entire way.  During the walk the anime decides to add in a character trait for Fried, in that he is anal about following rules.  Since he doesn’t really do much later in the series, I can’t really complain about this.


Erza, Lucy, and Charle go after Wendy and her group when they find out that the train isn’t running.  Natsu later finds out about this as well, but not about the train part, and ends up stuck on the train as it keeps going back and forth between the two towns.


The anime also confirms that Fried is gay for Laxus.

What?  Don’t believe me?

Too bad for all the Fried/Mirajane shippers. She’s mine dammit!

They eat winged fish, which Fried claims taste better when properly prepared.  He is wrong.


Then they cross a desert, for some reason there’s a desert…and end up having to fight an enchanted sandstorm.  And not the good kind either.

Erza’s group meets up with Wendy’s, and the rest of them make it to the town, only to find out that all the problems have resolved themselves.  Natsu finally makes it, only to collapse from having to ride the train so often.  The others promptly follow suit, exhausted from all they suffered during the trip.


Filler is filler, and while most of it has been good so far, that doesn’t always need to hold true.  This episode was mediocre, not terrible, though that could be argued, just mediocre and nothing to complain about or praise.  It gave the animators extra time, and kept them from overtaking the manga, so that is always a good thing.  I like to keep that in mind when considering filler.

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