Anime Reviews: Fairy Tail Episode 75 – The 24-Hour Endurance Road Race

There isn’t much I can say about Fairy Tail filler other than repeating that I surprisingly like it.  I’d much rather see the manga episodes animated, but original material is just as enjoyable when it’s well put together.


This episode is basically a retelling of The Tortoise And The Hare, with Jet playing the role of the hare, so it isn’t too hard to figure out what happens.  The episode is, as the title says, a 24-hour endurance race.  The entire guild competes to avoid being the last person, who will suffer the master’s punishment.  In a nice little call back to right after the Deliora arc we never find out what the terrible punishment from last year was.

We do however find out what the punishment for loosing this race is, and I won’t give anything away, but it’s a doozy.  


The episode kind of reminds me of the old Hanna-Barbera show Wacky Races.  Only instead of crazy vehicles the fairy tail wizards all use their magic to hinder their opponents, or get ahead.  Anything goes, except for flying, much to the chagrin of Happy and Evergreen.

Every one of the wizards ends up on the wrong end of a trap set by one of their comrades.  Unless of course their Juvia, who apparently turns into water when she relaxes.  Sounds like that could give a whole new meaning to wetting the bed.

I wont give away who wins the race, and who looses, but it’s all suitably hilarious and enjoyable, just as long as you turn off the logic part of your mind and don’t ask how Lucy managed to be in the leading group without using her magic.


This episode is the last of the current batch of filler, and from the looks of things we’ll be heading into the Edolas Arc.  I can’t wait!


Also, anyone who reads the manga knows that Lucy’s main purpose devolves into providing fanservice (which she does quite well to be honest), but is it just me or does it seem like Erza gets more love in the anime?  She gets more changes of clothes–while Lucy keeps reverting to her outfit from the first few episodes–and I swear the animators pay more attention to her breasts.  Don’t call me a pervert for noticing, but it isn’t hard noticing a difference between this:

You’re not even looking at Lucy, are you?

And this:

Not that I blame them, Erza is a sexy character, but I’m afraid that using her for too much fanservice will degrade her just a little bit.  I’d rather they focus more on the fact that she is in fact one of the most consistently badass female characters in shonen anime. Not that you’d know it judging off that screen shot.

If you liked my review, Watch the Episode Here!

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