Anime Reviews: Fairy Tail Episode 66 – The Power of Feelings

Surprisingly enough this episode starts with an arc recap.  Guess it’s appropriate, given that we are approaching the climax of this arc, and why recap the last episode when you can recap the entire plot so far in preparation for the final confrontation?

Zero asks if Jellal has his memories back, and the latter replies that he does, right before attacking Natsu with fire again.

Waaaaiiiit a minute…

Turns out Jellal doesn’t have all his memories back, but he does remember that Natsu grows stronger with fire.  So he came in order to help Natsu power up by attacking him with fire.  Of course Natsu doesn’t believe Jellal’s intentions, until Jellal blocks an attack that is meant for Natsu.

Worst. Penetrating. Attack. EVER!

Natsu is of course a little bit convinced of Jellal’s sincerity after that, and Jellal summons golden flames into his hands, that he calls the flame of guilt.

The others get into position, with Wendy gong to take care of the lachryma that Jellal was meant to destroy.  Lucy struggles to get to her crystal, and reveals that she didn’t want to disappoint everyone, but she is out of magical power, and there is no one to take care of the crystal anyway.

Natsu eats the flames, and powers up to a new level, that Zero calls, Dragonforce, the most powerful form of the dragonslayer magic.

Awww heck yeah!

Natsu beats up on Zero, but only for a little while as Zero soon adapts to the new power level and keeps beating on Natsu.  The fight is interspersed with the rest of the team getting ready to destroy the lachryma, all accompanied by yet another new song that I once again was close to tears.  I need to start keeping track of how many times Fairy Tail almost makes me cry.

And it all ends with Natsu taking one final stand against Zero, powered by the feelings of his friends.  You know, typical shonen fare.  But it’s awesome because dammit this music is freaking awesome!

I won’t go so far as to say this is the best episode of the arc, but it probably is.  Just because the music that accompanies the climax of is that great.  Fairy Tail is one of those series that I think can survive off its music alone.  Not that it needs to, because with episodes like these it’s a really solid show overall.

Can’t wait for the next episode.

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  1. Fairy Tail is one of those series that I think can survive off its music alone.

    xD Ahh, I wouldnt say that much but I must admit that music plays an important role especially in a time so strong in action. Anyway I was wondering if u knew what was the title of that new song u hear while natsu and zero fightin interspersed with the rest of the team getting ready .. ?It would be nice , this song makes me feel nostalgic as if I'd already heard this song but I can 't remember.

    if u dont know its no big deal 8D , anyway good work on this review , keep the good work

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