Anime Reviews: Beelzebub Episode 02 – I Became a Gang Leader with a Child

After Oga and Furuichi figure out that Beel only likes macabre things they go up to the roof.  Where Oga tells Furuichi about how Hilda introduced herself to his family.  I won’t spoil anything, all you need to know is that the scene is absolutely hilarious, and you need to go watch it now.

Oga learns that he cannot be further than fifteen meters from Beel, otherwise the tantrum will reach fatal levels and he will die.  This leads to several jokes about how far away from Beel he is.  To be honest, I kind of like them.  It’s a very goofy style of humor, but very enjoyable.

While at school Oga is attacked by the four leaders of the second year students.  He takes care of two of them easily, and the other two bull out…a power drill and a chainsaw…

Okay, who is the principal at this school and why is he letting these psychopaths attend?


Oga of course beats them easily, taking both out with one punch.

Back at the house Hilda explains to Oga how Beel is attracted to him because of his ruthless nature.  Oga realizes that all he needs to do is find someone worse than him and dump Beel on them.

The episode ends with the two guys from previous kidnapping Beel, Oga chasing them down and beating them up.  While it seems like nothing much happens, we do learn some important information about why Oga can’t get rid of Beel.

It’s an okay episode, nothing really stellar.  It had its amusing parts but seems to be waiting to get into its stride.  Except for the scene at the beginning of the episode.  It was comedy gold and well worth watching how Hilda introduces herself to Oga’s family.  That scene alone should tell you if you’re going to like this show, since that’s the kind of humor we’re going to be dealing with.

If you liked my review, Watch the Episode Here!

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