Anime Reviews: Bakuman Episode 16 – Wall and Kiss


Mashiro and Takagi think of a concept, that includes all of the things Hattori suggested, for a manga that involves an angel fighting evil angels.  Who kill humans to give themselves more souls to collect and advance their status.

While their name is rejected they do get the feedback notes that lets them know they have shown promise.  This is a pretty well put together scene, there is no dialogue as they read the comments, and the music really fits the scene.  I’m pleasantly surprised to see the music being used so well in this series.  Music, as far as I’m concerned, is an integral part of any animation or movie.  How else can I know what to feel if the music doesn’t tell me?

Takagi struggles to think of a new idea, while at the same time spending more time with Miyoshi, and starting to date her more in earnest.  Finally, realistic behavior from a teenage boy.  You have a chesty tomboy who likes you for some reason.  Don’t screw this up!

Unfortunately this screws up Mashiro and Takagi’s partnership, as Mashiro learns from Hattori that Nizuma needs an assistant.  After he sees Takagi kissing Miyoshi he decides to accept, after finding out that Takagi told Hattori he wouldn’t stop Mashiro if he wanted to take the position, thinking that Takagi isn’t doing any work on a new idea. 

Bros before hos?  I think we all know what the right decision is.

 This episode marks where I think things start to pick up.  Before it was just the two of them working on getting their manga published, but now things are starting to happen.  The partnership is broken up momentarily, and romance blooms!  Out of all the episodes I think this one was one of the most enjoyable ones to watch on its own.

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