NaNoWriMo: Day 1

Well, overall this wasn’t so bad. I ended up finishing a bit later than intended, but I got more done than the minimum amount of words required. Not much to say, other than it’s coming together nicely, and I’ve got the characters and overall plot in mind. The question remains as to whether I can keep this whole thing together, but that, I think, will rely entirely on my ability to take a moment and think everything through before writing. This will be a test of my planning abilities.

I did manage to decide on a title for this book, one that I hope emulates the old pulp stories, while at the same time being just a little bit silly. The title is, “The Incredible Life of Billy Brown.”

I wrote 2,063 words today, and in honor of stealing ideas from Nathan, the founding principle of this blog, I leave you with an excerpt, that you probably won’t read since it won’t make any sense to you.

There were two groups to be precise. The first was a group of three monopods, whose bodies basically consisted of one giant leg with two arms attached to it, an eye on either side of their body, and a giant gaping maw where a human’s head would have been. The talked in a series of snaps and claps they made with their giant, clawed hands.

The second group was practically the exact opposite, being made of nothing but a multitude of tentacles, on which a mass of eyes sat. Underneath the tentacles, much like a squid or octopus, they had a set of hard mandibles, with which I’d often seen them destroy their food. The two of them communicated by clicking their mandibles together, filling the room with a loud clacking noise.

Imagine, being trapped in an enclosed space, with these nightmarish creatures, filling the room with what no human would ever consider communication. When supplies ran low, an event in the near future as there were no supplies in the slave quarters, there would be no doubt that the monstrous beings would turn to me, the one outsider from both groups, as a source of food.

And, with that, I leave you. Just please keep in mind that any excerpts I post are all first draft, and will be subject to my secret flaw, of being too wordy. Enjoy, and let me know what you think, and how badly you want to read the whole thing.

Maybe one of these days I’ll update my current and finished project columns.

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