Anime Reviews: Fairy Tail Episode 52 – Allied Forces, Gather Up!

Lucy and her team are working as waiters and waitresses at a Restaurant owned by a former member of the magical council. After work he tells them that after the fiasco with Jellal and Etherion the old council is retiring, to be replaced by a new council. One that won’t be so lenient towards Fairy Tail’s antics.

Back at the guild they go over an organizational chart for the Dark Guilds, at the center of which is the Balam Alliance, an alliance of the three most powerful Dark Guilds. Makarov returns from the regional meeting of guild masters and announces that they are going to form their own alliance to take down the Oracion Seis, the smallest guild of the Balam Alliance at only six members.

It’s at this point that I noticed some new music, just like back in the Tower of Paradise Arc. It’s a really great tune that continues the tradition of excellence for the Fairy Tail score, and can only mean that a third volume of the Soundtrack should be released soon. I’ll keep you up to date on that as soon as it comes out. But keep an ear open for new music this arc, I think we’re in for some gems.

We are introduced to the Oracion Seis, who spout cryptic about the ultimate magic, Nirvana. Besides plot exposition there really isn’t much to say about the scene. Other than that I swear Brain, the leader of the Oracion Seis, is voiced by Japanese Keith David.

Of course Lucy’s team is chosen to represent Fairy Tail in the alliance of lawful guilds.

Poor Lucy, she’s only there because she’s a protagonist.

Once they reach the meeting place we witness the most entertaining segment that Fairy Tail has had to offer yet, and I doubt will be topped anytime soon.

Fairy Tail High School Host Club?

The Blue Pegasus guild is easily one of the most entertaining, and yet somehow irritating set of characters I’ve been introduced to in this series. The three members introduced are quite amusing. Of course, because they are pretty boys, I instantly hate them.


Now I know that Vic Mignogna voices every character in anime ever, but if he isn’t cast as Hibiki when the dub finally comes out, then I’m leaving for Canada.

Maple Syrup will protect me from poor casting choices.

And just when I think these guys can’t get any better, they provide the perfect opening for a joke I’ve always wanted to make.

Twilight Joke in 3…2…1…

Like the stereotypical anime characters that they are, Lucy and Erza are of course enthralled by the pretty boys.

Clearly they are True Blood fans.

If you thought it didn’t get any better, then you were wrong. Because here comes Ichiya! With the voice of an angel, and the face of Sanji’s worst nightmare!

Kill it with fire!

There’s some kind of history between him and Erza, something about being lovers at one point or another.

Of course you do, Honey.

Now I know I said Vic Mignogna needed to be cast as Hibiki, but I changed my mind. We need Vic for Ichiya! Don’t think it’s one of his usual roles? Well that’s what Ichiya’s voice sounds like, as if he were meant to be a pretty boy. But he looks like this.

Trust me on this one fangirls, hearing Tamaki’s voice coming out of this guy would be hilarious.


The Lamia Scale representatives arrive, who just happen to be some familiar faces. Lyon and Sherry. They are joined by Iron Rock Jura, the bad ass for this arc.

And then everything falls into chaos and slapstick. Oh well, at least we’re getting some great reactions out of Erza.

The episode rounds up with the introduction of Wendy, who actually cameod several times in episode 49. All I can say is that I’d love to have a little sister like her. Or I guess I’m almost old enough where I should start saying I’d like a daughter like her? Or I’ll just give myself another ten years before I change my mindset that drastically.

Overall this arc is looking good. There’s at least one new score, and they’ve changed up the eye catch. So from the way things are looking it would appear that they intend to keep going for a while. Which is just fine by me, this series really is beating more popular series like Naruto and Bleach as far as quality is concerned. And storytelling. And pacing. Oh lord are they winning the pacing contest.

These are not screen-shots, they are animated gifs from the shows.

Either way, if you haven’t been watching Fairy Tail (why are you reading these reviews?), then I say now is a good time to start. Trust me, you’ve got some awesome arcs to look forward to. I’ll let you know how this arc turns out of course, but early predictions are looking good.

If you liked my review, Watch the Episode Here!

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