Anime Reviews: Bakuman Episode 7 – Tears and Tears

The recap at the beginning of this episode is longer than the past six episodes, and I think we’re entering the phase of the show where the story will advance enough to the point that a recap of the past episode will be needed.  Granted it’s not really necessary if you’re like me right now, and are behind and watching multiple episodes in one go.  But for someone that watches it weekly it’ll probably come in handy.  Still, I’m not a huge fan of episode recaps.

Mashiro and Takagi walk to school, with Mashiro asking Takagi if he got the next name done, since both of them want to get another manga done and submitted to Yueisha before the end of the year.  They talk about how he’s doing sitting next to Azuki.  The two of them have started writing notes to each other to talk during class.

They decide on doing another Sci-Fi action story, since that’s what they’re best at.  There are some flashbacks, and they talk about their manga being entered in the contest.

Hattori goes over the manuscript, wondering if he should really submit it, when he notices the Editor in chief going to meet with Nizuma Eiji.  Hattori and another editor talk about how amazing Eiji is, that the Editor in chief is going to meet with him.  Hattori brings up that he’s wondering if it will be best for them if he submits the manuscript, when his group captain comes out and tells him to hurry up and submit it.

Mashiro and Takagi are on the roof, when they notice a couple they didn’t know was dating come onto the roof.  The girl is angry at the boy for switching to a high school that she isn’t going to.  Mashiro realizes that there is no guarantee that Azuki and him will stay together after they go to different high schools.  He worries about how they never talk, finally realizing that there’s more to a relationship than wanting it.  Unfortunately for the sake of people that like realism this probably won’t go very far.

Mashiro asks Azuki if they really have to wait until their dreams come true.  Azuki starts crying when she reads his message.

Way to go dipstick.

But she gives him her email address.  Later he’s still worrying about whether they’ll stay together, and goes to her house.  He’s about to call her, when Azuki gets a call from Miyoshi, and Mashiro instead puts his phone away and walks back to his home.  The music in this scene is notable, before I haven’t really been impressed by the score, but then again there hasn’t been any need since this anime isn’t exactly one that is going to rely on great music to emphasize fight scenes.  But if Bakuman can add a good score to its repertoire, it will only be to its benefit.

Back with Mashiro and Takagi, Mashiro decides he wants to do something for the Tezuka award.  He wants to make Azuki happy, and he thinks that wining the Tezuka award would do that.  They get a call from Yueisha, and Hattori tells them that their manga didn’t make it to the finals.  Spurred on by this Takagi tells Hattori that they plan to enter into the Tezuka award.  Hattori mentions that he was worried they’d be discouraged if they didn’t win anything, but obviously that worry was unnecessary.

The episode ends with the two editors meeting with Eiji.  They try to get him to move to Tokyo, but Eiji says that he’ll only move if he gets the authority to end one series he doesn’t like once he becomes the most popular manga artist in Jack.

Uhoh~ Looks like we’ve got an antagonist~

Overal the episode was slow and focused on the romance, which I personally don’t care about.  So I’m giving this episode a:


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