Anime Reviews: Fairy Tail Episode 54 – Sky Maiden

Brain reveals that Wendy is the Maiden of the sky, but offers no other explanation before he kidnaps Wendy, along with Happy who tries to save her.

Before leaving he uses his magic to finish off the rest of the light guilds, but they are saved at the last minute by Jura. Ichiya uses his painkiller parfum to help the others recover, but when he tries to use it on Erza she only seems to do worse than before. The group realizes that Erza has been poisoned by the snake bite she got last episode.

Erza borrows Lucy’s belt…

I like where this is going.

And uses it to cut off the blood flow to her arm, and tells them to cut off her arm before the poison can spread.

Lyon is about to do as she says, but Gray stops him. Charle tells them that Lucy is the Sky Dragon slayer, and if they save her she can heal Erza. I’m not sure what the connection between using sky magic, or wind magic, and healing is but this isn’t the first time that healing has been attached to a random element.

At the Oracion Seis’ hidden base Brain’s subordinates ask him why he brought Wendy with them. Brain tells them about her powerful healing abilities, and that they can use her to bring back a powerful dark mage who knows the location of Nirvana. Racer goes to get that person, since he is the fastest, saying that it will take even him an hour to go and bring him back.

While Racer is gone the rest of the Oracion Seis go out to look for Nirvana, while Brain reveals that Nirvana is a magic that can switch Darkness for Light, and vice versa. While this sounds ominous, at the same time it’s kind of underwhelming, and doesn’t seem to account for the fact that Nirvana’s presence in the Woodsea is killing the trees.

The rest of the allies split into smaller teams and go looking for the Oracion Seis, while Lucy and Hibiki watch over Erza, with Hibiki monitoring the rest of the teams with his Archive magic.  Which is essentially a magic computer. 

Natsu and Charle talk about Wendy, with Natsu wondering what the Sky Dragon Slayer eats…


When they are attacked by the various Dark Guilds working under the Oracion Seis.

Racer returns with an elaborate Casket, which Brain opens to reveal Jellal’s surprisingly well preserved corpse.

Happy is horrified to see him again, and says that there’s no way they’ll help bring him back. But it looks like Wendy knows him…

Compared to the past two episodes this one was somewhat underwhelming, the reveal about Wendy being the Sky Dragon Slayer and the possible return of Jellal aside. I just wasn’t as entertained by this one as the past two because the pacing was off, and very little actually happened in the episode. Combine that with the fact that they kept using split screens of character reactions, and the episode just feels cheaper.

Less than stellar pacing, without the humor of the last episodes, and lazy editing, really make this episode suffer in my opinion. Of course that’s not to say that the entire series is bad, or that this arc is doomed. All I can say is that the following episodes better pick up the pace or this arc is in danger of dragging on like far too many other Shonen Anime arcs.

Sadly, I’ll have to give this episode a:


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