Conduit Day 1

Well this was the first convention I’ve been to that I had to pay for. I say “pay” loosely, since I’ve yet to actually pay for it. Isn’t having good friends great? Though when they start threatening to shatter my kneecaps I can’t help but feel that the definition of “good” is being stretched just a little.

Conduit is a pretty small Con in Salt Lake. It’s mostly focused for writers, and most of the guests were writers, or had connections to the writing industry. Sadly there weren’t really any editors attending, though we did have a good time talking to some of the authors there. The main purpose for attending conventions like this is to network with people in the industry, so hopefully there will be some editors we can track down and talk to tomorrow.

Overall the panels were pretty good. I could go into more detail about them, or I could just link to Nathan’s blog, since I know he kept better notes than me.

We talked to John Brown for a little bit. He’s a pretty cool guy, I’m definitely going to check out his book. As soon as I can afford it. -_-

It was interesting seeing how easily a panel can fall apart. And I gained a new respect for panel moderators who keep things on track, as I’ve seen how easy it is for a group of writers to loose track and go off on tangents. Though I think that the audience also has a responsibility for not asking questions that go off track.

While fun and informative, my ADD aside, Conduit was a bit smaller than I expected, than any of us expected. Then again, it was worth it to talk to a few of the published authors and to get to know them, realize that being published is in fact possible. On that note I need to get back to finishing my book.


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