Conduit Day 2

The second day was also fun. I got a signed copy of Monster Hunter International. I’ll be posting a review of that later, once I finish it. Overall I have to say it was a rewarding experience, being able to listen to people in the market talking about different subjects. Just listening to other writers and their experiences, and being able to learn from their experience was incredibly invaluable.

That really was the best part about going to Conduit, getting inspiration from other authors, being able to talk to them. It’s nice realizing how they aren’t afraid of new authors, it’s a very open community. Best of all, according to the authors there everyone in the industry is an introvert, which made me realize that approaching them would be easier for me, seeing as how I’m also an introvert.

Oh yeah, and next time I see Dan Wells I’m telling him his maskerade isn’t tricking me. That man is a creepy, creepy man. Oh he’s friendly, but dang that first chapter of his book I Am Not A Serial Killer is already freaking me out. I’ll get into more detail when I review the book. That’s assuming that I manage to finish the first chapter.

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