Karate Master: Part 6

Friday night I went to be before midnight, quite the accomplishment for me if I do say so myself. Because of this I was finally able to wake up at seven thirty without feeling like dirt. I still hate early mornings, but at least I wasn’t dead tired.

I was a little late, and right from the beginning we started off with a little bit of training in the horse stance (still don’t know the proper names). Well, in all fairness we did a kata first (nope, no names), but after that it went right into the stance training.

I thought my legs were on fire in previous training sessions. Nope. This was without a doubt the most painful training session I’ve ever had, as far as my legs are concerned. I thought my legs were on fire before, it wasn’t till today that I finally learned the meaning of the phrase. There was fire in my legs, literally. And for the rest of the day there was a frantic twitching in my legs.

Besides being incapable of holding my upper body loose while doing this, I’ve learned that my footwork is an abomination that needs some serious work. I’m practically incapable of backing away from punches. I’m seriously considering just decking anyone that tries to hit me instead of trying to block. Sure I’d probably get hit, but I’d get them too.

Actually…that doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.

Anyway, I need to get a move on with further entries. Especially reviews. I’m lagging behind, way behind. I also need to look up some other adservices, since Chitika is being difficult.

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