Comic Reviews: Yukon Ho!

The best part of this collection is that I could have sworn I read it before. But as soon as I got halfway through the book I found myself confronted by several pages worth of strips I’d never read before. For a moment I considered how much of a failure I was for not having read all of Calvin and Hobbes. That moment didn’t last, as I realized with glee that I had brand new Calvin and Hobbes I had never read before!

It’s like that moment, when you find a pristine five dollar bill in your pocket. And then you use that five dollar bill to go buy more Calvin and Hobbes, because what else would you bother spending your money on?

The highlight of this volume, for me, is the titular Yukon Ho! story. As a kid I enjoyed the story as I did any other Calvin and Hobbes story. But as an adult I find myself enjoying the Parents’s role in this story even more. The moment where Calvin’s mom calls Hobbes’s name as they are looking for him sticks out particularly as a moment where the character got fleshed out beyond her basic role.

Besides that, this collection contains some classic stories I remember from my childhood. A particular one being the story where the family goes camping, only to have it rain on them the entire time. That was a favorite when I was younger because it was every vacation we ever went on! As an adult it is a favorite because Calvin’s dad behaves exactly how my dad would. It helped that we lived in Germany at the time I was reading these stories, and just by nature of the geography, no matter where we went it was most likely going to be soaking wet.

Along with Uncle Max’s only appearance in the strip, and the transmogrifier gun episode, Yukon Ho! contains some of the most classic Calvin and Hobbes stories in existence.

For any serious collector, this book is a must. For the more casual fan it is also a must. While the collectors are out buying the leather bound edition, serious collectors are busy buying every Calvin and Hobbes book ever published. Casual fans, and those looking to introduce the series to a new generation, will find these collections invaluable. The situations Calvin finds himself are perfectly relatable for younger readers (though I will not be held responsible for the outcome of letting them read Calvin and Hobbes), and this paperback edition is perfect for their first read through the series.

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