News: Podcast Update

So, episode two of Manga^3 is now live. I’ve also included a new page on this site where I’ll be putting direct download links to the episodes for anyone that doesn’t or can’t use iTunes. This will also serve as an archive for the episodes once we start taking old ones down. Since I am a cheap bum who doesn’t want to pay for hosting fees just yet.

I’ve got the next two episodes edited, episode three will go live tomorrow followed by new episodes every day. This time I actually mean it. Hopefully the quality isn’t too poor for you, starting with episode eleven we start using an actual program to record our skype calls, so the audio quality should be drastically improved. And I’ve placed an order for a proper mike which should hopefully arrive in time for episode thirteen, if not episode twelve. Please bear with us, we’re learning how to do this as we go along.

I’ve also started a tumblr, because that’s where all the cool kids seem to be hanging, and being the pageview whore that I am, I’ve decided to make myself seen over there. It seems like a much more social kind of environment so I wanted to try it out to get more involved. I’m still going to be posting all my reviews here, but I’ll be posting links over there, as well as reposting anything I think that looks interesting. If anyone has read this blog, and wanted to talk to me, but couldn’t because this is not tumblr, and you have some kind of weird pro-tumblr phobia (might want to get that checked out), then this will be the place for you. Check it out here, Burning Lizard Studios Tumblr.

Here’s links to the episodes.

Episode 001
Episode 002 – Scanlations and Vagabond

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