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Okay, so these are a little old news. But I still felt like posting them. First off we have a promo for One Piece Episode of Nami the remake of the most influential arc in the history of One Piece.


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m pretty excited for this. Though I expect it will be a while before we get this special outside of Japan. What with the rights probably being different from the TV and Movie rights. I’m also excited to see Nojiko, my cartoon crush from when I first got into One Piece, animated again. And while I’m not the biggest fan of the modern art style, the animation looks crisp and fluid. Much better than the average TV animation.

Up next we have the first teaser trailer for the Blue Exorcist movie.

It’s not much to go off of, but I’m curious to see where they go with this. I’ve found that generally anime movies aren’t the greatest, but I do think the industry has come far enough that we’ve been getting more good than bad. And as long as the writers for this movie aren’t the ones responsible for the beach filler episode and the end of the anime, then we’re in business.

And finally, a teaser for the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure adaptation.

I only just recently started reading Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. I’m up to the first issue of part three, and after loving the first two parts I can’t wait to see what happens. Part three seems to have been getting all the love, with being released in the States, and getting and OVA series. Great to see the first part getting some love too. Maybe if we get lucky this new series will attract some more attention and we’ll get to see the first two parts, and following parts of Jojo published in the US. The trailer itself works very well to play up the hype for this project, with a countdown of the eight parts of Jojo, perhaps suggesting that the new project will cover the entire series. An ambitious project to say the least. The little bit of animation we do get looks pretty decent, if not as smooth as I’d hope. We’ll have to wait for more footage before passing any real judgement. Either way, I’m excited.

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