Graphic Novel Reviews: Nightwing 010

The Story

As Nightwing investigates the Strayhorn appartment, he is attacked by SWAT. He escapes, and gets a call from Lucius, discussing a business proposition. His plan is to reinvigorate the Amusement Mile themepark.

While investigating the murder of the Strayhorn brothers, he is attacked by armored vigilantes. He finds their base of operations, where he finds a group of the paramilitary vigilantes training. Their Leader, Paragon, notices him there and attacks him, declaring that “The future of this city hinges on your death.”

The Review
Is it just me, or is this the way the Haly’s circus storyline started? Someone declaring that Nightwing/Dick had to die? Oh well, easy way to create tension early on I guess.

Nightwing definitely tied in best with the Court of Owls story. It started with Dick investigating a murder, with his own escrima stick as the weapon, and after the interlude of two issues, the story picks right back up from there. It flows very well, much better than pretty much any of the other books.

I’m not sure how I feel about Paragon and his armored goons. My prediction is that the Strayhorn brothers were involved with the group, and they were murdered because of their involvement. The other option is that it was Paragon that commited the murder and planted Dick’s stick at the crime scene. If that’s the case then I’ll be disappointed. We don’t get nearly enough mystery for a collection of books that are supposed to be detective stories. Giving the answer away one issue into a story just doesn’t feel right.

I am interested in the involvement of Detective Nie. Though I am a little iffy about “…the coroner was never able to confirm the wounds were inflicted post mortem.” Now I may not know much about forensics, and this may be my penchant for watching Bones, but perhaps someone could inform me in the comments: Exactly how difficult is it to determine if wounds were inflicted post mortem? I’m legitimately curious, so please let me know.

Overall a promising start. I like where the story is going, love how well the plot threads are woven together issue to issue. It’s a well done issue, and Nightwing definitely continues to be one of my favorite reads out of the five books I follow.

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