Graphic Novel Reviews: Justice League 008

Apparently Green Arrow has taken Aquaman’s place, because the post New 52 Justice League wants nothing to do with him. Instead of the tired old, “Aquaman can’t do anything away from the water” we now get to hear, “Green Arrow is just a guy that shoots arrows, he doesn’t even wear a bat costume!”

The plot, as far as it goes, is basically several vignettes of Green Arrow trying to get the Justic League to let him in, and just like the nerdy kid nobody ever wanted on their team, the Justice League come across as a pack of pricks when they ditch Green Arrow every single time. This must really be pissing Green Arrow fans off.

There’s something to do with the Martian Manhunter, but I’m not clear when it was supposed to take place. Not much to say this issue really. There is a little bit of a crossover with the Court of Owls storyline, but that only lasts for a page or two before the story moves on. So I guess the rest of the story takes place after the Court of Owls?

There were some funny moments, I’m particularly liking Green Lantern and Batman’s interactions. But other than that there’s not much I can say. I feel inadequate to really comment on this issue, because I really can’t say anything about the plot. As the months pass, chances are I might drop, or pick up, some series depending on whether I feel like I actually have anything to say. Sometimes I can’t really say more than, “meh, it was a thing.”

So yeah, this was a thing. A fun thing, just not a particularly eventful thing. Yay things.

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