Anime Reviews: Beelzebub Episode 56 – Are You a Traitor? Is It a Time For Men?

Plot Summary
Furuichi receives a letter, adressed to Hilda, with a birthday card inside. When Hilda comes back from shopping she notices that everyone is acting suspciously. She tries to interrogate them, but after they refuse to tell her what’s going on, she starts to imagine the worst.

Intent to put a stop to the group’s dastardly plans, Hilda charges into Oga’s home, only to be caught off guard by their surprise birthday party. After everyone congratulates her on her birthday, and gives her a new umbrella as a gift, she wonders whose birthday it is supposed to be. Today is not her birthday. She points out that while the envelope is addressed to her, the card has a different name in it. Turns out the GDL sent one of his favorite hostesses a birthday card, but it got sent to Hilda by accident.

Himekawa, Kanzaki, Natsume, and Shiroyama meet together and discuss ways they can get stronger. They decide they need proper nicknames for themselves, and a new group name, since the Tohoshinki are essentially defunct. They go further, planning out new special moves, outfits, poses, and catchphrases. In the end they end up looking like the rejects from a hodge-podge of tokusatsu series.

After that interlude, Hilda is sitting on the roof of Oga’s house, trying to pull the sword out of her new gift. The handle pops off, and losing her balance, Hilda falls backwards off the roof.

My Opinion
Hilda revealing that it was not in fact her birthday was expected, and a pretty tire cliche. However, what made this story was her absolutely ridiculous misconception of what everyone was planning. In her mind she dressed them up like a bunch of campy super villains, and I couldn’t help but laugh at that.

Himekawa and Kanzaki’s side story was completely ridiculous, and wonderfully glorious. It was entirely worth it just to see the faces of the Red Tails when they walked in on the four guys in full costume. And to top it off, I can’t help but love Hilda’s misunderstanding how actual umbrella’s work, and then falling off the roof. I think that this counts as my man-hit-in-groin-by-football. Completely filler, but completely entertaining. I definitely wouldn’t mind more episodes like this.

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