Fail Blog is Fail

I just got a comment for my review of Toriko Episode 11. It was left by Anonymous, and all it said were the cryptic words: “fail blog is fail”

At first I thought, “What a jerk, I put a lot of effort into this. Who is he to dismiss my work because he, or she, does not care for it?”

Then I realized. It’s not that Anonymous used an outdated internet meme to be critical of someone because it gives them a chubby. Oh no, it was not so simple. This person, this idiot savant, was sharing the fundamental truth all bloggers share. Sure his syntax could use some work, but the gem of truth was there, amid the midst of all that bile condensed into such a small package.

This is that truth, That blogs that fail, are in fact failing.

He could have told me what he did not like about my blog. He could have said something to help improve future reviews. He could have done literally anything, and it would have been helpful. But instead he chose the path most beneficial to me. For if I did not figure this out on my own, the lesson never could have been mine. Instead of giving me a fish, he taught me HOW to fish.

Truly, this person, this…Anonymous, is a modern day Confucius. Though he sits in his mother’s basement, cheeto stained fingers leaving prints on his keyboard, he has abandoned all physical needs for the pursuit of true internet mastery. Only he alone knows when a blog is fail, and he gives his wisdom only to those worthy.

Thank you, Anonymous, I will never forget the favor you have shown me. I myself will pass it on to others. I will spread your holy word, that fail blog is fail. Bless you! Oh bless you great master!

Fail Blog is Fail!


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