Anime Reviews: Fairy Tail Episode 93 – I’m Standing Here

Sometimes there are episodes that could use a little bit of work on the pacing. But oddly enough even the drawn out episodes of Fairy Tail are not as irritatingly slow as some series have been in the past.

Plot Summary
The King starts to go crazy, and the fight goes poorly for Natsu and his friends. They try combining their breath attacks. But the King dodges into the sky. He knocks them all down by carpet bombing the area. Natsu stands up, and pushes against Dorma Anim’s foot, while giving his inspirational speech of the arc.

“Run away! It’s another Heart speech!”

Gajeel traps Dorma Anim’s foot to the ground, while Wendy uses her breath to launch Natsu in the sky. Using his final attack, Natsu shoots his body right through the armor’s chest, dragging the King with him. Dorma Anim blows up, and King Faust is left facing three pissed off Dragonslayers.

He faints.

The earth starts to shake, and the three see islands falling from the sky. Mystogan reveals to Lily that he is using a reverse anima to force the magic power out of Edolas into Earthland, where it will be integrated into the natural magic there. If there is no magic power in the world, people will not fight over it, is his reasoning.

People start freaking out over the loss of magic power, and start running away. Though where to none of them know. The main characters start heading back to the city, to see if there is anything they can do.

Mystogan reveals to Lily that he will paint himself as the villain that plunged the world into chaos. And then Lily would be the hero who stops him, by ending his life, and unites the people of Edolas. Lily takes this plan as well as can be expected.

My Opinion
A good chunk of this episode is repetitive. There are only so many times one can stand a lunatics ravings, especially if he is saying the same thing over and over. The islands falling scenes go on for a bit, though they don’t get so repetitive that I would give this episode a bad grade. Overall this is a good episode.

Mystogan’s plan…well it sucks. I understand the idea, basically that a little bit of turmoil will give way for future peace. But I don’t think Mystogan thought this plan out all the way. He should know that draining the magic from their world would cause the sky islands to crash. Don’t people live on those? I doubt all of them were uninhabited, so chances are people got seriously injured when the islands came down. If they didn’t just flat out die. Did Mystogan even consider how bad the rioting would get? No. No he did not. How do I know this? Because (spoiler) he specifically says so in the next episode.(/spoiler)

Other than Mystogan repeating himself a few times (must be genetic), and the fact that his plan seems half baked, I still have to consider this a good episode. Yes there is a lot about this series that could use fixing, but I am regularly entertained, so I feel I can forgive a thing or two.

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