Anime Reviews: Fairy Tail Episode 92 – Those Who Are Alive

This episode illustrates what good filler is. Filler’s entire purpose is to stretch out the story to keep pace with the manga publication. When it’s bad, filler distracts; when it’s good, filler fills in any holes left by the original.

Plot Summary
Lucy and the rest of the group are attacked by the soldiers. In the meanwhile Lucy Ashley is trying to convince her guild that they need to help their other world counterparts. The episode switches between Lucy and her group’s fight agains the soldiers, and Lucy A.’s attempts to convince her guild to help in the fight against the royal army.

Finally Lucy A. manages to convince her guild to help Lucy and her friends. They show up and help fight off the royal army. With their help the tide of the battle turns in the favor of the protagonists. Along with some helpings of comic relief from the bizarre other-world characters.

The rest of the episode is mostly the Erza fight, interspersed with cuts back to the main battle, as well as the fight against Dorma Anim. Those of you that don’t like fanservice…well…this may not be the episode for you. Actually, how did you get this far in the first place? Scarlet and Knightwalker’s armor and weapons get severely damaged during their fight, as do their clothes. Without their weapons they get into a fist fight, as the island falls around them.

Scarlet and Knightwalker have a philosophy battle, with Scarlet saying that living isn’t about magic power. The force of her convictions is so strong that she takes the win, despite both of them being out of strength.

The episode ends with Mystogan leading Lily into an undisclosed location, and saying that he has a plan to deal with all the strife in Edolas. That he will throw anima in reverse and rid Edolas of all its magic power.

My Opinion
So, why is Scarlet not taking advantage of Knightwalker not having a weapon anymore? Erza isn’t bound by one weapon, so she should take advantage. I guess she is out of magic power. But why use weapons, when she used the greatest power of them all?

Besides the climax of the Erza fight, a good chunk of this episode focused on the Edolas Fairy Tail coming to save Lucy and her group. The anime team took the opportunity to fill out what Lucy Ashley was doing to convince her guild to help out. While it took away the surprise, it helped fill out the episode with non-crappy filler, so I see no reason to complain.

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