Anime Reviews: Fairy Tail Episode 87 – It’s Life!!!

While playing around with the new blogger interface I noticed that my anime reviews, particularly my Fairy Tail reviews got the most page views. So I decided that I should probably take advantage of this, and get caught up on Fairy Tail before I move on to catch up on the other series I review, as well as start up some new reviews very soon. And pick up a series I had dropped. So please, enjoy as I rush to finish off reviewing the Edolas arc, before we move on to the S-Class Exam arc.

And yes, I am excited that the anime will continue past the Edolas Arc.  We’re approaching the big 100, so chances are the Fairy Tail anime won’t be going away anytime soon.

Plot Summary
Natsu, Lucy, and Gray face off against two of the royal army captains, Hughes and Sugar Boy. Sugar Boy uses his control over the objects in the park to throw a giant ship at the three, and then traps Natsu on a roller coaster. Gray and Lucy start to sink into the floor, but Gray throws Lucy up to help Natsu.

Lucy manages to get to Natsu on the roller coaster, but the two of them are driven into a pool. Lucy tries to use Aquarius, but Hughes’ control extends even to the water, and Aquarius is powerless.

The King refuses to wait to fire the Dragon Chain Cannon—which he will use to smash the lachryma into Extalia—until Lily can get off the island. Coco steals the key to the cannon and runs away. But not before King Faust zaps her magic shoes, severely injuring her feet.

Natsu wakes up in a classroom filled with monster replicas. He hears Lucy, who is stuck in a coffin. He lets her out, only to find that her clothes have been changed. They check the side of the coffin and find out that it is used for actors to quickly change clothes. Natsu has fun using it to force Lucy into a bunch of goofy outfits, but finds it less fun when she does the same thing to him.

Natsu dresses Lucy in a bikini outfit, and tries to use her to distract Hughes. But as is the running gag for poor Lucy, Hughes remains unimpressed by her sex appeal. He sicks the monsters on her, and Lucy runs away. She keeps running even after Hughes calls the monsters back to fight Natsu. It does him little good as Natsu unleashes his feared Dragon Aura attack—which isn’t so much an attack, as it is a visual cue that Natsu is serious now.

Lucy, still unaware that she’s safe, runs into Coco. Byro catches up to them, and demands that Coco give back the key. Lucy misunderstands him, and thinks that he wants her keys. Lucy ends the episode swearing to protect Coco, and her keys.

My Opinion
So is it normal that every guy in the Fairy Tail universe has an aversion to hot blonde bombshells? Though it is pretty funny to see Lucy shot down repeatedly, especially given how much confidence she has in her looks. A little bit of karma there.

There was plenty of comedy in the episode, though not all that much in the way of fights. Or at least not in the way of traditional fights. Hughes toyed around with Natsu and Lucy for the first bit, which was amusing enough. But now that Natsu is serious, Hughes’ tricks won’t do him much good.

Normally some of the worst fights in anime are those that are a waste of time. You reach a point where the characters are so powerful that some villains just don’t pose any kind of threat. Mashima does a good job of taking advantage of Natsu’s weakness, and makes the fight entertaining enough so that it takes up time, but is not a waste of time.

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  1. this fairy tail is very cool and humorous in many ways. anyways, have anyone experience the celestial magic by the girl? Plu is also one of the character of Rave. is there a relation between Rave and Fairy Tail?


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