Anime Reviews: Fairy Tail Episode 84 – Fly! To Your Friends!

Happy and Charle run away from the Exceed royal guards, and find themselves harbored by an exiled farmer and his wife.  They find out about how the Queen stole a hundred eggs from Exceed couples, and sent them off to Earthland.  The farmer couple lost an egg that way as well.  Oh yeah, and they look like this:


Besides quick cuts to the other characters, including Scary Lucy and Wimpy Natsu–who, judging by their interaction, must have an interesting sex life…

What?  Like you weren’t thinking the exact same thing.  Look at them!

…–the rest of the episode is pretty much just padding and that sometime painful brand of comedy that just doesn’t work stretched out over the course of an entire episode.

Hillarity!! Wait…

And then, in the last few minutes of the episode, we get a reveal that, well…

This was me, when the episode was over.

I’m normally not when to cry while watching a cartoon…

“He lies, he does it all the time!”

…but the reveal that the farmer and his wife have a very special connection with a long running character in the series, was enough to have me bawling like a baby.


And I knew exactly what was coming, so I was tearing up in preparation for what I knew was going to be an excellent scene.

I have literally never seen an episode of anything that was so dull, and yet managed to hit me with a ton of emotional bricks like this episode did.  What else could I possibly say, but that you will be sobbing by a baby once you realize exactly what is happening.  I guarantee it.  I even just watched the last few minutes of the episode again, to make sure it wasn’t a one time thing.  Nope.  It may not have been as extreme as the first time, but the good ‘ol’ waterworks started up again.


If you liked my review, Watch the Episode Here!

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