Book Reviews: White Night

Someone is murdering magical practitioners.  And that someone just might be closer to Harry than he realizes.  As he draws closer and closer to the truth he realizes that whoever is involved is connected to the white court of vampires.

Sometimes it is easy for me to forget that the Dresden Files books are mysteries.  I tend to focus more on the action, the magic, and the characters that I tend to forget that first and foremost these books are mysteries.  Harry is a detective, as well as a wizard. 

And as most Dresden Files books go, this one provides a great mystery.  Suspicions are thrown around, focused on the most likely suspect, and ultimately proven wrong, only for everything to start all over.  Add in character interaction involving some returning all stars, and you’ve got a book well worth the reading.

Buy where would a Dresden Files book be without an action packed climax?  And while it isn’t quite at the scale of and invasion against Arctus Tor, the final battle is efficiently, dare I say, epic.  You’d think guns and magic wouldn’t mesh so well, but mesh they do, and they do it gloriously.

Besides the main plot threads for White Night, one must not forget the ongoing plot threads that continue on from previous books.  Molly Carpenter is now Harry’s apprentice, and unlike most teen sidekicks she actually proves to be not only useful, but interesting to read about.  This book also features the closure for the Lasciel plot thread, which I am two minds of.  On the one hand I like where it goes, but I don’t quite like the destination, if you know what I mean.  The ultimate conclusion of that plot thread feels like it could have been much better.

But that’s a relatively small negative note compared to the rest of the book.  There is no such thing as a boring Dresden Files book, with the possible exception of the earlier books (and even then not quite).  It almost seems pointless to recommend this book to anyone, because anyone that has reached this point won’t be quitting any time soon.  We are in the middle of a joining of plot threads.  Everything is coming together and moving in for the final act.

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