Book Reviews: Proven Guilty

As a new Warden of the white council, part of Harry’s duty is the execution of warlocks and dark wizards.  Considering how close he got to being executed as a warlock in the past Harry is understandably horrified at having to witness the execution of a sixteen year old Korean warlock.  He then becomes involved in a case involving monster attacks at a local horror convention, and somehow his friend Michael’s daughter Molly is involved.

This is easily one of my favorite Dresden Files books so far.  Not only is a lot happening, but but most of it is personal on one level or another.  If it isn’t involving Harry’s past and his grudge against the council for almost executing him, then it’s something involving Michael and his family, or Thomas and his family.  Better yet, for those that enjoy Harry and Murphy’s relationship (whether platonic or potentially romantic, it doesn’t matter they’re two enjoyable characters that work well off each other), the issue is addressed in this book.

All of this combines to make this book feel very personal.  The stakes are high, and the payoff is even greater.  A common feature of the previous Dresden Files books is that there is a certain status quo that is maintained.  Granted there are minor differences, such as Thomas moving in with Harry, after discovering that they are brothers, from book to book.  But overall the status quo remains that Harry lives in the same apartment and solves supernatural cases.  After this book things won’t quite be the same anymore.  Truths of the secret pasts of characters are revealed, and later books won’t quite feature Harry Dresden as the lone wolf investigator.

By this point we are among the best of the Dresden Files series, and from here on out it only gets better and better.

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