Anime Reviews: Toriko Episode 09 – The Man Who Has an Invincible Domain! His Name Is Sunny!

Sunny shows up, carrying the Regal Mammoth in one hand.  Despite the awesome show of strength the man is by every definition of the word a fairy.  When Mansam tells them that the mammoth Sunny brought back is only a baby, the group has to head out into Biotope 1 to track down the full grown mammoth before the gourmet corps can.


Once out in the blackgrass plains, which Toriko of course starts eating, they are attacked by stone giants known as Rock Drums, which are actually crustaceans.  Sunny takes some convincing, but once he enters the fight he takes out the Rock Drums with his indestructible hair extensions.


The episode ends with Mansam receiving a call that another intruder has entered the island.

And once again the reason for Tina’s existence is multiplied.  In the past she has provided narration, a bickering partner for Rin.  So what is she adding to the show now?

Suddenly the number of screencaps I took skyrocketed.

For those that find animated fanservice distasteful, this is the tamest screencap I could find.  That isn’t to say her outfit wanders into inappropriate territory, she at least wears something reasonable that actually works as clothing should, but there is a lot of cleavage to be had in this episode.

This is for those that enjoy cartoon cleavage.

And suddenly I have convinced every anime fan ever they need to watch this show.

And suddenly they have all left.

It’s no mystery anymore why Tina was added to the cast for the anime.  Fanservice sells, as Hiro Mashima knows well, and in a manga like Toriko, there isn’t much guy oriented fanservice to be found.  Am I upset at her addition for such a reason?  Not really.  I’m not watching this show for the animated women.  Despite any evidence to the contrary (which I deny categorically), that’s never why I watch anime.  So it really isn’t necessary.  Sure it’s an enjoyable reprieve for anyone that gets tired of watching muscular men being awesome.

Like this.

Which I guess most guys do at one point or the other.  Okay, the tank top can stay.

If you liked my review, Watch the Episode Here!

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