Anime Reviews: Toriko Episode 07 – A Threat Appears! The Turbulent Gourmet Coliseum!

After Toriko manages to intimidate all the monsters attacking the battle wolf, people start betting on him.  Toriko is able to confirm that the reason the wolf isn’t fighting back is because somehow, despite being the only clone, is pregnant.  He lets Mansom know that something is wrong, and Mansom tells Rin to shut off the machine.  Rin tells him that the machine is broken, so she has to go herself and dose the beasts in person.


Toriko decides that birth is not a spectator sport, so he breaks the dome, scattering all the dignitaries.  The baby battle wolf is born, and Tina runs down into the Colosseum to film the event.  She definitely has been getting a bigger role.  Kind of wonder how much of the series will be tweaked to add her.  What is pretty nifty is that she is used to provide narration from the manga that otherwise couldn’t have been put in.


Also, the baby battle wolf is so darn cute!


Rin runs into the arena, right before devil python breaks in.  It eats the other beasts, and people start fleeing in earnest now, except for one suspicious figure.  Mansom talks to him, and discovers that he is a robot in disguise.

He got better.

The battle wolf finishes off the python, and is about to reunite with its child when the GT robot shoots it with a laser.

It’s odd how we’re only seven episodes in, but Toriko already feels like it’s been going on for a while.  The stories are earnest and have the same flair of past shonen epics.  Shonen series have been getting better about pacing, but it’s still an interesting feature that they are able to have surprisingly little happen in an individual episode.  When a series is able to do that and still have each episode be satisfying.  Things are rearing into full gear, and I can’t wait to see the rest of this arc animated.


My only concern is that Tina will cut into Rin’s already limited screen time.  When there’s only one actual canon female character in a show, you have to hope she gets her time to shine.  Though her shining time has been spent screwing things up.  So not such a great start for her.


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