Anime Reviews: Fairy Tail Episode 81 – Fireball

Lucy, Fairy Tail’s current strongest, and the rest of the group manage to escape from the guards.  Lucy explains how Mystogan found her, after Horologium saved her from anima.  Mystogan then gives Lucy something to eat, and sends her through anima.  After a scene where Scary Lucy shows exactly how identical the two are, Scary Lucy leaves to try and convince her guild to help the Earth Land characters fight against the kingdom.


In the meanwhile, Gajeel gets to know himself a little better, and learns about the current events in Edolas.  The scenes are useful because not only do they put in a bit of plot exposition, but they also add the requisite humor to the episode.  This was a very funny episode overall, and well worth watching.

Natsu and the rest of his group try to steal an airship, but Lucy is unable to summon Loki because according to Virgo he’s on a date.  Who with is never explained, but I think shippers have their own opinions on this matter.

They are captured by the guards, but are saved at the last minute by a familiar face, driving a race car.  Yes, I just said that, I did not make this up.  Turns out Edolas Natsu’s specialty is driving a very fast car, talk about the polar opposite of regular Natsu.  E Natsu drives them towards the capital, but stops when he says if he goes any further he wouldn’t be able to make it back to the guild.  Natsu, revived after getting out of the car, drags E Natsu out, and asks him how he is able to handle transportation.  E Natsu says he doesn’t know, and tearfully begs for their forgiveness.


Overall a good episode, I’m particularly fond of how E Natsu is a badass when he’s in the car, and a complete wuss once outside.  There’s a lot of good comedy for most of the episode, keeping the light hearted adventure series feel, while also mixing in some of the plight of the Edolas natives.  The episode also covers a lot of ground, and it almost feels like this arc is moving forward at a pretty decent pace.  I will admit to not finding any information if the series will continue after episode 85, and that worries me a bit.  I guess if the series ends after this arc I won’t be completely bummed out about it, but I’d like to see the entire series animated.  I have a personal theory involving some filler and the possible end of this series, but it probably won’t happen, even though anime series have been known to change the ending in drastic ways.  Considering how close Fairy Tail has stayed to the manga, it would leave a bitter taste in my mouth if they ended the series different than the manga.  And considering the manga probably won’t end for a long time, I can only hope we keep getting the anime.


After all, if it was popular enough to get a second season, I’d hope that after the increase in quality of said second season that they’d keep going.  We’ve already passed the fifty episodes point for anime that don’t animate the entire manga, so I think we should be getting plenty more.


I apologize for rambling about when the series ends, I do that a lot whenever there’s no information about the future of the series.  Either way, if it ends soon, or keeps going, this arc is already promising to look up, despite my annoyance at some of the filler earlier on.

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