Anime Reviews: Fairy Tail Episode 77 – Earthland

With this episode we are now officially starting a new arc, and it’s something quite a bit different from the usual Fairy Tail fare.  Will it be as good as the past arcs?  Well, anyone that keeps up with the manga can give a basic answer to that question, but there’s no guarantee the anime won’t either be better or worse than the manga.  That’s why I’m here, to give weekly updates on the Fairy Tail anime, so that fans can read episode for episode how good any given arc is.  Or you could just watch the show.  But read my reviews anyway please.

The episode starts with Gajeel trying to find a cat of his own.  And for a moment, it looks like it has.  In the guild Charle is pretty much being a jerk towards Happy, for no understandable reason, but as she goes off to be on her own, her inner dialogue hints at there being a reason.  Happy goes after her, and asks her what he did wrong.  She doesn’t explain anything per say, but she does get angry at him for not knowing what he is.  Which is a good question, at the beginning of the series we were just meant to accept that Happy is a talking, flying cat.  Does this mean that we will finally get an actual answer?


And of course the manga readers all say, “Yes!”  But they’re obnoxious know-it-alls, so we will be ignoring them for now.

Wendy finds Charle, and as it starts to rain both of them run into Mystogan.  Turns out Mystogan is the real “Jellal” that Wendy met years ago.  He explains that he has failed, and that anima has gotten too powerful.  Wendy asks him what this means, and he says that everyone in town, and in the guild, will die.


Instead of letting him get her to safety, Wendy runs off to warn the guild.  As she does this the guild is in the middle of various antics, and we get one of my favorite Juvia related gags.

Wendy is unable to reach the guild in time, and is forced to watch as Fairy Tail and the rest of Magnolia are sucked up into the sky.  The entire scene is incredibly eerie, complemented by some fine music.  The only downside is that I thought it would have worked a lot better if the buildings were just sucked up into the sky, rather than glowing and then dissolving.  But that’s a minor complaint.


The scene that follows is pretty amazingly eerie, and easily the best part of the episode, as Wendy finds herself alone in the wasteland that used to be her guild.  In the end she finds Natsu, as well as Happy and Charle.  The episode ends with Charle explaining that she knows what is going on.


This episode had some more great new music, as per the course with new arcs.  I will keep mentioning this, because the music is one of the main reasons I love this show so much.  There are some things about the anime, not many mind you and most of them have to do with predictions as to what the anime staff will do, that bug me, but overall this continues to be a great anime.  I can’t promise everyone will enjoy this show, but it’s a definite must watch for anyone that loves action adventure anime.  And I feel this arc won’t disappoint.

If you liked my review, Watch the Episode Here!

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