Anime Reviews: Beelzebub Episode 15 – The Delinquents Have Changed Into Swimsuits

Is there anything worse than a bad joke?  How about a predictable, bad joke?  I won’t give it away, but here’s a hint, it involves the tired old, “Someone’s taking a bath, is it a sexy lady?  The music says it’s a sexy lady!  Oh wait, it’ isn’t a sexy lady.  It’s a dude.  Oh look!  Is that a sexy lady?  No, no it is not.  It’s a mustachioed muscleman…WHY DO THE ANIMATORS THINK I WANT TO SEE HIM NAKED!?”

The episode itself is a mixture of canon and filler.  And since we all know how to recognize patterns, the episode is about two minutes of canon and the rest is filler.  I know I was going to compare episodes based on their merit, not whether they were canon or not, but this is depressing.


The issue of Tojo, the strongest at the school is brought up, and Himekawa and Kanzaki decide that it would be in their best interest for Oga and Tojo to crush each other.  So they team up and help Oga find Tojo.  And the place where he’s working?  At a food stall on the beach!  Which means it’s swimsuit time!  And yes, the animators would rather I see Allaindellon in a skimpy swimsuit, instead of Hilda.  You know what?  I don’t care if you have an entire episode where all the girls walk around naked, you are on my kill list for this eye scum!


Oga and Furuichi arrive at the place where Tojo works, only to find that he’s been fired for getting into a fight.  The rest of the episode is Oga trying to find where Tojo is, the other cast members getting into hijinks, and a few swimsuit shots that are too little too late, and won’t pay for the eye bleach I’ve had to use.

I will give the episode this, I laughed a few times, but mostly because Aoi confusing a letter of challenge she’s supposed to give Tojo for a confession of love from Oga.


Other than that the episode is disturbing joke, after disturbing joke, with a few good jokes thrown in, and Oga and Tojo missing each other.  I’d say this episode is one that should be watched only because it introduces the Oga vs Tojo plot line.


As far as I am concerned, I think it’s safe to say that I’m going to be dropping this series from my weekly reviews.  Not because it’s bad, but I’ve decided I have too much on my plate and want to trim some of the fat from my review schedules.  I want to add a little more variety, and right now there isn’t much to say about this series other than that it’s passable, but not all that great at the moment.  The writers for the show focus on the most inane things and the jokes aren’t nearly as good as they are in the original.  I’ll keep watching, and if an episode is really, really good then I’ll comment on it, but probably only on twitter.


Unless of course you like me complaining about the same things over and over.


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