Anime Reviews: Beelzebub Episode 10 – A Disciple was Gained

This is not what was previewed at the end of episode nine.  I’m not sure why, but they’ve rearranged the broadcast order after the earthquake and tsunami.  Just as well, what they previewed did not look good, and was another two half episodes.  Then again, this is filler again.  How can a show have so much filler so early on?  I’m starting to think I’m just going to put my hopes into the manga getting licensed for the states.  The anime is turning into a lost cause.

The upside of this episode is that at least part of it comes from an omake chapter of the manga.  The downside is the part that isn’t.  At least this time the filler story is part of the same episode.

A cat follows Oga home, and Beel is pissed about it.  After throwing a temper tantrum for a while Beel challenges the cat for a fight, and is promptly beaten by the cat.

When a gang of stray cats tries to start a fight Beel stands up for the cat, and the cat gang is chased off by Oga.  The cat then becomes Beel’s disciple, in order to learn how to be as intimidating as him.

Then Oga takes Beel to a day care center for him to make friends, and Aoi and Kouta are there.  Beel and Kouta and the cat get into a tower building competition, while Oga and Aoi have another one of their hilarious misunderstandings/conversations.  I call them misversations.

Later the cat defends the gang of stray cats from another gang of stray cats, and joins the first gang.


Not sure what I can say, I still like this series, and I love the manga – it’s my third favorite manga at the moment – but the filler is killing me.  This episode wasn’t bad, per-say, but it really was just completely ‘meh.’  And that’s a bigger killer than if the episode was bad.  Too many more episodes like this and nobody will stick around for when the series gets good.  I want to believe it will get good, and I know it will, because the later chapters in the manga are absolutely hilarious.  But with episodes like this there’s no way in hell I can recommend the series to anyone.  I can’t even say that the episodes are so bad they are entertaining, and then things get better and people stop watching because it’s bad, and watch because it is great!  But nope, I can’t in all honesty recommend this episode.  Skip it, and watch when the filler is over.

The next episode is also filler, so yeah…

You know what, just check back here before watching any episode.  You won’t regret it, I’ll be sure to let you know if it’s filler or not and whether it’s worth watching.  I’d rather you skip episodes and wait for the good ones than watch episodes like this and giving up on the series.

I’ll give the episode this though, the setting up the flashback gag was funny.  There were funny moments, but the story was far too weak.  A weak story and a few funny moments really aren’t enough to drag an audience in.  I really wish it wasn’t so, but I predict that unless they pick up their game and stick to manga only material then Beelzebub‘s career will be a short one indeed.  We need less animation of omake chapters this early on, and more focus on the actual storyline.  Wait till you have an audience before pulling out the stuff everyone else crams in the middle of a series.

If you liked my review, Watch the Episode Here!

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