TV Reviews: Futurama S06E03

The fun thing about this episode was that it picked up the pace on the humor from the last two episodes. It also continues working with Futurama’s strength, namely likable characters. When Fry posts the embarrassing video of Leela with his eye-phone (which in itself isn’t just a throwaway parody of the iPhone, the phone itself is actually installed in the eye) he does so, but is fully aware that what he’s done is wrong and feels remorse for it. And yet, he still posted the video. This to me makes the character all that much more human. He’s still a looser, and pretty selfish, but in a very human way. As opposed to the almost sociopathic Peter Griffin whose antics only make me hate the character more and more. I don’t know why Family Guy thinks that’s comedy, but having a raging jackass as your protagonist really, really does not work. It’s novel for a little while, but after several seasons you can’t help but wonder why people still put up with him.

Futurama, while a little tamer with its jokes, actually creates characters that are sympathetic in several ways, and make the show that much more entertaining. Sure they’re all pretty much idiots in one way or another, sure Bender is a selfish jagoff, but when compared to the entire cast of Family Guy he’s a very humane character. Despite being a robot.

I know I’m not saying much about what happened in this episode, but I just felt like I had to mention what makes this show worth following. Once again, it’s the characters. While selfish, and ridiculously dense at times, the cast of Futurama comes complete with understandable emotions and motivations that don’t always center around themselves. This is a little short I know, but I figure that besides this I really didn’t have much to say about this episode, other than that it was incredibly entertaining and I had a great time watching it. This new season of Futurama is turning out to be worth the time I spend watching it.

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