LTUE Day 2 Review

Well, this is coming a little late, while I’m in Day 3 for that matter. But anyway. Yesterday was an interesting day. If nothing else I couldn’t keep awake during my last class of the day, Japanese. When I got home I decided to crash for a little bit before I had to leave for the panel I really wanted to attend, Writing in Webcomics.

Since I didn’t have German class I was able to attend an extra workshop, Pacing and Structure with Dan Wells. I listen to his podcast, so I came inside while he was talking and couldn’t help but think, ‘Hey, I know that voice.’

Great workshop, a lot of stuff that I already knew about, but from a different perspective. Reminded me I need to start writing my endings first when I’m plotting a book.

Killer Openings was a good panel. Nice to learn that even professional writers have started their books terribly.

Military on Military Sci-Fi was great. People often don’t think about how to properly write military characters. It’s really different from writing civilian characters. Got some good notes from this one, not that I intend to write Military SF anytime soon, but I think they’re still important to keep in mind.

How to Build Aliens and Monsters was so so. Basically it’s all about what the aliens or monsters symbolize. But overall it’s always best to write characters for the sake of characters.

After that I went to class, went home, slept for a little, and went to watch Writing Comics and Webcomics. This one interested me, since I’m interested in writing webcomics. Good info here. I was able to get some more enthusiasm for my projects.

Final post coming later today.

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