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I’ve been doing some research for my next (possibly) blog post. I know, I know, surprising isn’t it? Anyway, while reading articles on the topic on other blogs I’ve been noticing something interesting. All these other blogs are written in a very professional manner. They’re very journalistic, and fact oriented. Absolutely nothing like my opinion heavy writing.

So I thought for a bit, should I change my writing style to be more professional? Be more like a real journalist?


Sure I’m writing on modern media events, and creations, sort of like a journalist is, but my angle is that my opinion is a crucial part of what I write. I’m not a reporter, I’m more like…a columnist…which is kind of like…a blogger. Huh. Who knew?

I’m hoping that having a firm opinion will both gather people who share that same opinion to me, while also creating debate with those that don’t agree. Keep in mind that I’m talking about intelligent, at least literate debate. I’ll be ignoring anyone who betrays a less than eloquent or even sentient personality with their comments.

One of the main reasons I decided I wanted to do this, is because for the topic I was researching, all the blog articles (many of them owned by professional corporations, so part of what I saw is understandable) had nothing but good things to say. They ignored all the potential issues that the topic represented, and were nothing but repetitions of fact. Here, you get the fact, but you also get opinion. If you don’t like it, got read a different blog.


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  1. How one writes is up to them. I could care less about facts so long as there is an opinion to them. When all I hear about is facts and not even a sliver of the writer's opinion about what they're talking about, I quickly lose interest because I know that when they start getting on about facts, it's all going to be a hell-raising load of words that I can't even comprehend. That's enough to make me drop what I am reading. Having one's own opinion while keeping the facts in the argument or article or any other sort of writing is what I like about writing.

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