Love Your Local Library

I think I’ve fallen in love with my University’s campus library. When I first started going to school here there was nothing but a tiny section in the sampler area of our library that carried graphic novels. As time passed more and more graphic novels made their way to that little section. In time I read most of them. When they were actually available that is.

One of the series I read was Bone, which I need to remember to review later on. I enjoyed the series Epic Fantasy storyline, but I hated the fact that they only had the series up to volume 7. So I read the first seven volumes, all the while frustrated that I wouldn’t get the rest of the story.

Then today, joy of joys, I discovered volumes 8 and 9 in the new books section of our library. With much joy I snatched them up, despite trying to focus on only school reading. No way I was going to let these get lost in the eternal limbo of strangers checking out these books. So I rushed to check them out first. Now I await with much anticipation the opportunity to finally finish this series. Volume 9 is the last one, right? And I intend to reread the other volumes in the future and review them. So, look forward to that.

Oh yeah, I also picked up some new JLA books. And there’s the rest of the Swamp Thing books I’ll pick up later.

Also, my library are the proud owners of the first three volumes of Naruto (they might have the next three, but I haven’t checked), and the first volume of Bleach (why only one?) and the first six volumes of Rurouni Kenshin (which I am currently reading).

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