Mistborn Movie Announced

According to reputable sources a movie adaptation of the Mistborn has been announced. The film rights have been purchased by Pallopa Pictures LLC, who’ve shown a strong understanding for the material and according to Sanderson;

I would rather have someone who loves the series working on it as opposed to some faceless Hollywood company.

The press release, which can be found at Sanderson’s blog, was quite enthusiastic about the project. In fact, Sanderson himself sounded very enthusiastic about the project, saying that;

When I read Paloppa’s script treatment for the beginning of the story I immediately felt that they truly understood the book and how to adapt it. Throughout the entire process they’ve been professional and sincere and have shown a real love of the material.

I’m in my second year of taking Brandon Sanderson’s Creative Writing class at BYU University. Personally I feel that if he’s excited about how this project will turn out, then we’ve got enough reason to keep our eyes open for this one.

Whether there will only be one movie, or if all three books of the Mistborn Trilogy will be adapted for the screen, has yet to be revealed. Furthermore, there has been no news of any possible adaptations of any of Sanderson’s other works. Though personally I think that we should all pray that they do get adapted. As far as fantasy movies go, there aren’t enough good ones. And books like Elantris would make excellent base material for movies.

I’ve yet to finish all of Sanderson’s books, so until then I can’t pass judgment on the quality of all of them. Nor can I assume that the movie will be as awesome as we hope it will be. What I do know, is that this is a story worth following.

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  1. While I personally don't know what the series is about, to hear news like that makes me believe that the media isn't just run by heartless buffoons. If this works out well and is well-received, maybe people can be more considerate when they try to take a famous someone's work and turn it into a story worth watching rather than a glamor-filled movie with lots of unneeded and really crappy writing.

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