Nanowrimo Day 1

Daily Word Count: 3,996

Total Word Count: 3,996

Words Left: 46,034

Thought of the Day:

What matters most is working in a way that is comfortable to you. If you need a massive outline to be productive, then use one. If you think an outline is stifling, then use one. But always remember that sometimes you just need to break out of your comfort zone and write. Today my outline wasn’t nearly as complete as I would have liked, but I had no time to sit there fixing the outline. Words had to be put to page, so I sat down and did it.

Was it the best thing I’ve ever written? Probably not. But it felt good doing it.

I’m trying something a little different this year. I’ve never successfully completed a nanowrimo. So instead of doing the required words per day, I’m trying a reverse nanowrimo.

Basically you start with a large word count and then decrease the daily goals. You start off strong with a lot of motivation and write as much as you can. Then when you’re starting to lag later in the month your goals are a lot lower and more readily achieved.

What I’m hoping though is to keep the daily word counts high, but I can’t guarantee it.

Check back tomorrow for new updates.

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